The TOP 5 of African Designers LUPITA NYONG'O's stylist should know... (En français dans le post suivant)

Lupita... How not to fall in love with the charm, intelligence, class and beauty of this woman, seriously? I  totally succumbed! #Teamlupitaaaaaaa

Unknown of the public just 1 year ago, today she is in the spotlight, at the first rank of fashion week's catwalk,  on the international red carpets, walking with confidence and assured steps. She is become the muse of Miu Miu, Lancôme and wins easily the Oscar of the best dressed girl in red carpets! 
Question: why don't we have seen yet Lupita Nyong' o walking on red carpets in a dress of an African designer?

Ouchh, touchy question ! Here is the first argument which some people gave me:
" Lupita forgot her africanity?" 

So, Let me say that it's a BIG Bullshit : 
- Come on, her first big movie is " 12 year a slave ", a movie dealing with slavery.

- Secondo, by reading the main lines of her bio, one can say it's the total opposite. So, for your information, Lupita is a young Kenyan, who spent her childhood in Nairobi. After completing her A level she leaves to the USA to continue her studies and obtained a Master's degree in art in the well known Yale University. Following the example of many who would have stayed in the USA to try their luck, Lupita decided to go back at home in Kenya to start her career. There, she began by playing in the successful series "Suga", then produced a documentary on living condition of Albinos people. 
- tertio, Lupita does not speak a lot in the press, but the only few times she opened her mouth one can easily understand that this girl knows where she comes from: her speech when she obtained the Oscar and her second speech on the black beauty during the Official reception of black women.

The other argument people told me the most was: 
" It's not because Lupita Nyong'o is a black African woman  that she necessarily has to wear African designers dresses"
And I answer  yes it's true, it is not mandatory! But let me believe that if we haven't seen yet Lupita walking on the red carpets in a dress of an African designer, it's just because her fashion stylist, Micaela Erlanger, does not know well African fashion and maybe Lupita either. If it's the case, I am willing to devote myself to give her some advice lol.

I noticed that Lupita loves wearing colorful and bold dresses which emphasize her beautiful skin tone. So, dear Micaela, if you read me, here is my TOP 5 of African designers who could please Lupita:








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  1. Lupita Nyong' o is such a beautiful model and person from what I have read and seen about her. I agree she doesn't have to necessarily wear African American designer's dresses but these fashions on her in these photos are gorgeous. She just has this natural and radiant beauty about her that comes out with just about anything she could have on.

    Gwyneth Bobbitt @ Zuvaa


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