Focus on ... Juanjo OLIVA - Summer 2010 collection

Salad dress no?
My favourite One

Sexy to go to the playa
Classic and funky style : "Claky"

One more time, who said that African Fabrics was Old Fashion??!!! WHO??
Most of time when European Designers want to give an "ethnic" touch to their collection, they use African Fabrics (Wax,Java etc..) and give their interpretation of Africa...sometimes it's very cliché!! the pictures above are from the last Spring/summer collection 2010 of Juanjo OLIVA, a spanish designer! just WAHOUUU, very beautiful, colored and sexy just what i like! This designer is not specialized in this kind of fabric, it was the first time tha he used African Fabrics for his collections and he's very talented. I would just tell him : DON'T STOP!

Go check out his work : http://www.juanjooliva.com/

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